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Biofuel Projects

Biofuel, and Waste-to-Oil Plant Financing

Biofuel is fuel derived from living matter called biomass (usually plant matter). Examples of biofuels include but are not limited to biodiesel, ethanol, and vegetable oil. Biofuels can be categorized into three different types based on the source of biomass. Since biofuels are obtained from current plant growth, they are considered a renewable source of energy. Ethanol is the most common biofuel in North America, as most gasoline contains up to 10% ethanol. 


Using biofuels in an engine still produces carbon dioxide. However, since they're derived from recent biomass which took in CO2 as it was growing, the CO2 released in combustion is the "same" as they took in. This makes biofuels far closer to carbon neutral (no net increase in atmospheric carbon) than fossil fuels.


As a biofuel producer, you can tap into massive amounts of funding, both debt and equity. Technological advancements necessary for the sector are costly, but also potentially game-changing in the pursuit of energy independence. Capital and technology combined will create efficiencies in the use of biomass as fuel, and those efficiencies will change biofuel dreams into biofuel realities.
Investors in this sector are looking for high rates of return.



Washington Capital Global Finance help you:


  • Secure debt and/or equity financing for biofuel projects from $5 million and up
  • Locate a suitable biomass land site, and conduct feasability studies
  • Find an EPC/contractor or partner for a biomass project


In order to fund a biofuel, biocrude or biodiesel, and recently waste-to-energy and waste to oil project successfully, you need a partner who can bring innovative solutions to the table.  Washington Capital Global Finance is that partner. We know the complexities of this sector. We have hands on experience in counseling clients and structuring biofuel funding projects in the best possible way. Contact us today.

Financing Process

At Washington Capital Global Finance, we can help you in your projects financing needs. Our underwriting experts and our connections within capital markets can identify financing sources, our feasibility study review and /or preparation can increase your leverage in securing the project financing through:


We begin the financing process with an in-depth analysis of the site, feasibility, and scale of project.


Land leases or acquisition. Building of package for submission, including approvals from governing bodies.


Negotiation of sale to spot market. 


Construction, and operation of biomass project, producint fuel for sale.

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