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Global Plastic Supplier & Distributor


ManuFactor is armed with hundreds of years of combined experience to assure our customers of the best products and services possible.

Custom Design


ManuFactor has been making custom plastic extrusions and molded parts from the simplest to the most complex design.

Medical Plastic


ManuFactor produces and delivers the best plastic products for the medical industry using the thermoplastic material.

Injection Molding


High-quality extrusion and injection molding products coupled with custom assembly and packaging solutions

We are the largest industrial plastic distributor


For more than 30 years, ManuFactor is recognized as a provider of high quality machined and fabricated plastic components for a range of industries and applications.


Multiple production methods are available to manufacture customer specified parts including advanced CNC machining, plastic welding, solvent and adhesive bonding. Ancillary processes include drilling and tapping; engraving and complete assembly services. When it comes to your plastic needs, whether for chemical containment, plant process, piping, or manufacturing, our engineering staff will work with you on material selection, sizing and design to ensure your job is a success.



ManuFactor offers custom plastics fabrication and cutting services when you need it at a price you can afford.

Injection Molding


Our injection molding division has been manufacturing components since 1988!

Vacuum Forming


Vacuum forming is a very economical method for producing plastic parts.

Plastic Cut to Size


We invest in the latest plastics cutting technology to support your cut-to-size needs.

Plastic Laser Cutting


The new laser ensures that you get the latest technology to create quality products faster.

CNC Plastic Machining


We specialize in plastics of various materials in sheets, round rods, tubes, and more.

Plastic Fabrication


From prototype to production runs, we make the process easy and worry-free for you.

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Utility Projects

ManuFactor builds power plants using a variety of fuel sources, including coal, gas, oil, nuclear, and wind.



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Do’s and Don’ts of DOEs for Injection Molding


A well-designed and executed DOE should be a key component of your process development, find out how and why at this special event.


  OCTOBER 5, 2015

Optimal Resin Conveying: Find a Balance


You’re pushing materials at top speeds but are left with remnants of angel hair, snake skins and dust, and it’s taking a toll on your system.


  OCTOBER 5, 2015

Earbuds Are Released / Earbuds Released

The process includes casting a custom silicone ear mold from a shell that has been printed on the Form 2 stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer.

  OCTOBER 5, 2015