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143 South Glendale Ave

Suite 200

Glendale, CA 91205 - USA


We are partnering with multiple industrial and transportation companies to perfect all stages of production and distribution.

Vintage California


Vintage California cafe is the coziest place for formal and private events. We are providing chemicals for them.



Manufactor is the only provider of textiles for fashionable Tourner clothing which will be a perfect fit for a fashionable night out.

Retro Press


Retro Press is our media and printing partner. They constantly design posters, and business cards which are made of our paper.

Retro Beats


Retro Beats music studio is the best place to make premium sound records. ManuFactor has made custom plastic details for them.



We are making plastic bottles for elite alcoholic beverages and fuzzy drinks for corporate parties and other events.


Oak`s designs studio will help you to transform a usual room into a nicely-decorated place. They order wooden furniture from us.